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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Here's a true piece in the pages of teenage love stories that you would definitely love.

I first met Lucy as a young teen, we were in the same class at school but we weren't the best of friends. We used to say hi when we passed each other in the halls, but other than that we were complete strangers. She had her friends and I had mine. But over time, we shared a lot of stuff and by the time we were teenagers in their fifteens we were best friends. She had an older brother, but he was always busy or out when I would go to her place. So it wasn't until I was nearly sixteen that I met my Willi, and wrote my love in one of the best teenage love stories ever.

My friends who had seen him told me he was very good looking, and almost all the teen girls who had seen him wanted their own teenage love stories with him!

He was the sort of guy that was into games, always playing one outdoor game or the other, and always talking about it. I was really interested to know who this teenager was, maybe because I used to come over to Lucinda's place so often, and yet I wouldn't see him. So one night we decided to have a party in Lucie's house. It was one of those fun get-togethers that we used to have back in our teenage days. We were having a lot of fun and when I got a bit hungry by one in the night I went to the kitchen to grab something to eat, reclining on a pole was the hottest looking guy I'd ever seen in shorts and a baggy nightshirt, eating Ben & Jerry's ice cream straight from the tub. He smiled at me and held out his hand. Gosh, there was there start of of one of the best romantic teenage love stories in my life!

When I took it I thought we were going to shake, but instead he went all English gentleman and placed a gentle peck on the back of my pal. I went bright red. I was lost for words and I never ever assumed that I would meet the hero of the teenage love story of my life in my bum pal's kitchen in the middle of the night.

He pulled up a chair for me and we got talking. I'm really into sports too and we hit it off immediately. He told me about himself, and how he got into sports, and I told him about how Lucinda and I got to know each other better and became best friends. But what made me blush red was when he told me that hewanted to know who I was. His sister had spoken quite a bit about me. Apparently, he had heard that I was a cute girl who is really sweet and friendly. He told me that he was damn sure about the 'cute' part, but he would love to get to know more about me over time to be really sure about the friendly and the sweet part!  I was on cloud nine!
I started hanging out in Lucie's place more often, and I also got more chances to see Will too. I used to chat with Will all the time, but whenever we saw each other, even though we flirted and sometimes we would go on flirting for hours and hours, nothing ever happened. But I really never stopped hoping.

One night, at a party in Lucie's place, I knocked on his door while he was playing games in his room. He welcomed me in, and his room was just like any dude's room would be, posters and numbered jerseys all over. We sat down, and he asked me if I was interested in playing games on his Xbox.  I was overjoyed with the prospect of spending time alone with him. We played for a while and Lucie dropped by. She winked and me and asked me what I was doing with her brother instead of spending time with the girls on a girls night out. We laughed a bit, and I reluctantly told William that I had to go. He smiled, and dragged myself out of his room. But at the same time, he gently clasped my hand and asked me to come back again. I just smiled at him, but boy, I was melting like chocolate for this guy. I just told him he was very sweet.

Lucie held my hand firmly and we walked up to the girls together, and ended up playing games and laughing throughout the time. We were up for a long time and it was way past midnight by the time we decided to call it a night. Half the girls were already asleep and Lucie and I were the only ones who were up. Finally, her head started bobbing and she fell asleep, and I just lay there thinking about what to do next.

I decided to follow my heart and I tiptoed to Will's room. I thought I'd just knock once and if I don't get any response after a gentle knock, I'd go back to the girls and fall asleep. I just knocked softly on his door, and surprisingly, he opened the door in a flash. He invited me in and said that he was hoping I'd drop by. I was so happy to hear that. We spoke the whole night and by morning, we knew we liked each other and were in the middle of a teenage love story . He told me he really liked me a lot andwanted to be with me, and I just couldn't hold back.

We started seeing each other, but it sometimes became awkward with Lucinda being his sister and him being two years older. Those two years don't seem much now, but when you're sixteen and have an eighteen year old boyfriend it seems much more. He took me to his May Ball, his school's last formal event before Will cleared his schooling. I had a great time there and we had some teenage romantic moments too.

We stayed together through the summer, and we had loads of fun doing just about anything over the summer. William, Lucie and I spend a lot of time together, but she always used to poke fun at us or tease us. Lucie thought it was extremely funny that her brother and I started going out, though I really don't see what's so funny! But the good times didn't stay forever and we had to part ways. He was travelling around the world with his friends for a year and that was too fragile for our relationship. And just before I started my next year, we broke up. We'd been going out for just under a year and the both of us decided to end the relationship, because of him going round the world, and it would be hard with so much distance between us.

I started my next levels, and Will came back and went to University after a year. We didn't bump into each other much, only on a rare bump in at Lucie's house. But instead of things being awkward between us, I felt the same longing for him I had when I first met him and realized I still had feelings for him. William and I would talk, and meet each other once in a while, but there was nothing more between us.

When we had just started our final year in school, Lucinda came into school and handed me an envelope, irritated about being her brother's messenger. I opened the letter hesitantly, and what I read made my heart flutter. He said that he was truly in love with me and missed me a lot. I was so overcome with emotions that tears started streaming down my cheeks. Lucie was shocked and though that Will had written something bad in the note and wanted to know what it said. When I told Lucinda and my friends, who had gathered around me, they were really happy for me and wanted me to start going out with him again.

I was really happy to know that he wanted to get back with me. I had always wanted to get back with him, but I just didn't know how, because we had broken up over a simple reason like being apart for a year. Perhaps I was just feeling really stupid for breaking it off last year, but now that I was sure he too had the same feelings, I was ecstatic with joy!

It's been five years since we've been together again now, and I'm pursuing my college. He's always been there as a friend and a lover, and his warm shoulder has always been my pillar of strength when I can't move on.

I was a little teenager in love with a boy, but over time even the distance and the break up didn't really keep our teenage love apart. We've had our fights and our make-ups, and everything else in between.

But as with any happy love story, we've had a lot more happy and wonderful moments and we've taken this young teenagers love story and turned it into a perfect page in the book of romantic teenage love stories.

I truly must say that I love William and I am so happy in love and it is such bliss to be a page in this wonderful manuscript of romantic teenage love stories.

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