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Seeing is Believing: Blending Fun with Information

Monday, 18 June 2012

We all have the notion that the vast world of general knowledge and information is entitled only for "those geniuses" and "great thinkers." Or sometimes, we convince ourselves that learning new things is certainly tedious and boring. It's actually a misconception. Gaining interest in informative and creative stuff is a real challenging endeavor. We all go through a process of growth and development and that includes our mental faculties. Day by day, we discover fresh ideas from reading, researching and reflecting. These accumulated ideas are contributive to our daily lives. No matter what the source of the information is, we ought to apply them and make a difference in our existence.
Learning doesn't have to be stressful or obliging. We can acquire a skill or proficiency from something through an approach that is easy and enjoyable. You can name a lot of activities today that are achieved with less effort and with extra reward. Allow me to mention the most popular and the most exciting.
Creative writing paves your way to develop your fresh ideas through communicative skills. It goes beyond holding a pen or taking down notes. It involves other skills like listening, talking, reading and reasoning. We learn to become creative writers by using our potentials to formulate ideas with a touch of fun. Yes, it's not so serious actually. In this field of interest, you can express your thoughts, opinions and sentiments freely. If you love writing, you can make stories, travel places, or encounter people. Isn't it fun? Here's more. Aside from the experience value, you can earn income. Online money is so easy to obtain once you learn and understand the world of creative writing.
Kinetic typography is another interesting and brilliant source of information. It's a mixture of text, motion and video rolled into an amazing creation. This is somehow complex for a beginner because of technical requirements; it can be taught or learned. As long as you have an imaginative mind, you can pour out those ideas and make your own kinetic type. I personally considered this work of art as cool and exciting. It awakens the soul of every viewer by the emotions and sentiments that come from it. When you watch these "moving text", you are carried away by delight, disgust, compassion, love or angst. Other than that, making these videos is a real source of satisfaction and money. Satisfaction in the sense that you feel fulfilled when you let go of hidden emotions. It's a sensible outlet for personal expression. It has a lucrative value because you can earn bucks out of it. Promoting well your kinetic videos on YouTube is certainly entertaining and profitable.
How about traveling? For wanderlusts, exploring different countries or villages is a great source of knowledge, thrill and pleasure. Your curiosity about the culture and environment of various territories and islands should be your motivation for travel. In this sense, you will be able to bring with you lots of information from these places. Other than that, you can have the opportunity to become a travel writer or blogger. Speaking of blogging, it is also an activity that is interactive, fun and income-generating. Once you invest time and apply techniques on your blog, you have the potential of selling it or make money out of it.

Games and sports are also a source of dynamic source of fun and knowledge. Scrabble, boggle, puzzles, and mazes are few of the most popular mind games that have both amusement and educational value. While you play, you are also learning. For sports, aside from building teamwork and unity you also develop your mental and physical wellness through exercise and training. Adventure or extreme sports can also bring you a different kind of excitement and practical ideas about how to perform well in this field.
There's actually more of what YOU can think of. Blending fun and information can be found in every human affair as long as we have the willingness to have it. Making our life meaningful and productive is definitely a personal choice. So what will it be: a field trip? A camping expedition? A trail hike? Pick one, roll with it, and enjoy.
 - About the Author:
Vas Blagodarskiy, a student at the University of Maryland, is studying leadership and marketing. Creative blending of information with fun is how he started his business, and how he has achieved many other successful goals. Learn more at http://Qualities-Of-A-Leader.com


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