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Secrets of A Romantic Couple

Wednesday, 20 June 2012


A romantic couple has a better chance of a happy marriage. When a relationship is new, it often is filled with romance. Over time, however, we tend to get busied by everyday life, like children, work, stress, fatigue, unresolved conflict, and misplaced priorities. We feel we just don't have time or energy for romance. While we can't get rid of all of these responsibilities and obligations, we can make conscious, thoughtful choices about how we respond to them. These responses can make us a more romantic couple.

We can decide that, rather than simply going with the flow of life, it's important to regularly step back from the flow and see your mate and your marriage with refreshed perspective. Look with new eyes and a new attitude that says, "This is the most important person in life to me, and I want every choice I make, every action I take, to reflect that truth." If one or both of you can maintain that perspective in your marriage, you'll see your romance-quotient go way up as you become a more romantic couple.

Tips to become a more romantic couple:
  •  Romantic Couple Tip 1 - Spend fun time alone together 
Spend plenty of time engaged in enjoyable activities. Go for a walk, and hold hands. Enjoy meals out together even if it's just a picnic. Make passionate love to each other in ways that are mutually satisfying and meaningful. Try something you haven't done together before attend a play, take in a roller derby, ride on a roller coaster, go fishing. The possibilities are endless, but the point is simply to find ways to have fun together, increasing the feelings of warmth and enjoyment as a romantic couple.

  •  Romantic Couple Tip 2 - Dream together 
Become a more romantic couple by developing shared dreams for your relationship and your life together, and make plans that will help you make those dreams into reality. Working side-by-side toward a common goal can be very romantic.

  •  Romantic Couple Tip 3 - Look at each other
Remember when you first met? How you gazed and smiled at each other? There's just something about positive eye contact and warm smiles that can light the fire within a romantic couple's hearts and excite a relationship like nothing else.

  •  Romantic Couple Tip 4 - Build each other up
Work on spending more and more time encouraging and supporting each other. What do you love about your spouse, that brought you together as a romantic couple in the first place? Communicate what you admire about each other, and why you like being together.

  •  Romantic Couple Tip 5 - Do little things
Do little things that say, "I care about you," "You mean a lot to me," and "I'm glad you are in my life." Write a simple note that says, "I love you," or bring home some special thing you know your spouse likes. An unexpected caress or a compliment can go a long way in boosting the feelings of a romantic couple, feelings of love and mutual appreciation for the gift you are to each other. 

Becoming a more romantic couple isn't so much about learning new skills; it's more often about forgetting routine, predictable patterns. It's important for your love affair that you don't take each other for granted. Dare to find new, creative, and even surprising ways to express your care for your partner. Take some chances, try some new expressions of love, and put energy into the process. You may find, as many have, that the flames of love can be fanned in such a way as to make you and your spouse a more giving, special and romantic couple.

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