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Roses and their Meanings

Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Roses are among the top picks when it comes to flowers. Countless of bouquets of roses have been sent to millions of people through the years. Most of the time, they're the default flowers of choice especially if the bouquet is given for romantic reasons.

Nevertheless, roses are not something you can give as a romantic gift Philippines. Roses come in many different colors and each color symbolizes a different meaning. Whether you plan to give your special someone a bouquet just to make her smile, make a sick friend feel better, or give thanks to someone, check out below the different meanings of the colors of roses before deciding on a gift Philippines.

* White. This color easily symbolizes innocence, purity, and truth. It can say "I miss you", "You're heavenly" or simply pure intentions.

* Red. Roses with this color are classic and popular choices as an expression of love. The color symbolizes romantic love and passion. Aside from this, red roses could also be used to show courage and respect, or to say "Well done" and "Congratulations".

* Pink. The range of hues of pink roses one can use is varied. Pale pink roses connote grace, gentleness, sweetness, and elegance while light pink roses can mean fun, admiration, and happiness. Deep pink roses, on the other hand, could simply say "Thank you".

* Yellow. This color easily sends a message of friendship, gladness, delight, and new beginnings. They are also great as a "Welcome Back" or "Remember Me" gift Philippines. They are also perfect for sending congratulations to newlyweds, graduates, newly engaged, and new mothers.

* Orange. Warmth, energy, desire, and enthusiasm are easily associated with orange roses. They can also be sent with a message of "I'm proud of you".

* Lavender. This color symbolizes deep adoration and enchantment. If you want to express love at first sight, go for the light purple ones.

* Peach. Roses of this color speak of appreciation, gratitude, sympathy, sincerity, and modesty.

* Blue. Since roses of this color are not natural, they are only dyed; sending roses of this color symbolizes the unattainable or impossible.

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