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Monday, 18 June 2012


There is a wide range of possibilities for romantic getaways. They can also serve a variety of purposes. It all depends on your personal tastes, style, and situation. When most of us think of romantic vacations, images of island beaches, exotic cocktails, and candlelight dinners usually come to mind. Although these things are fantastic, other activities can do more to improve your relationship and romantic experience. Depending on the type of getaway you choose, sometimes the improvements can be dramatic!

If you're just looking for fun or spontaneous getaway ideas you'll find them here as well. In fact, I feel that these trips have their own special benefits. For example, having a carefree anything goes attitude while you're in an unfamiliar environment can have a stimulating affect on romance and relationship development.

What I am offering here are some traditional and unique getaway ideas and some alternatives for those who want to enhance, rejuvenate, or repair their relationship and/or themselves. Romantic vacations provide the opportunity to enrich your relationship and create a magnificent memory. The degree to which this happens is up to you.

A menu of romantic getaways is shown below. Just scroll down to the title to read it.

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Romantic Getaways Near Home

Romantic getaways near home are an option that most people never consider. The first thing we think of when planning a vacation is going to a faraway place. The thought of going to a romantic resort thousand miles away from home can be enticing. But if you want a romantic getaway that's near home there's a great alternative that I discovered many years ago.

An old classmate and I were planning a trip to Hawaii to relive an adventure we had there during a summer break from college, but my friend had to cancel at the last minute. The trip would not have been the same without my friend so I started to look for an alternative.

I came up with what I later discovered was a great vacation idea. I decided to pick a location that was within an hour's drive from where I lived. Once I zeroed into the actual location I couldn't figure out why I never thought of it before. The location I selected was Laguna Beach, California, which was less then 45 minutes from my house! Laguna Beach is an art colony the runs along some of the most beautiful coastline in Southern California.

I stayed at hotel right on the beach in the center of town. It was magnificent! Here's what I discovered about vacating in a location that was near home. It is much less stressful to get to than distant locations-- no airports, airplanes, buses, or taxis. It is much less expensive-- minimal travel expenses. And the best bonus of all was the ability to invite friends to join me for various activities throughout my vacation.

What made the trip even more spectator was the fact that I was there during the world famous Laguna Beach Arts Festival! It was perfect! I have continued to schedule short local vacations to this day.

Most of us have a couple of nice hotels not far from where we live. If you are interested in this idea, I would suggest that you visit the hotels that you're considering for your romantic getaway. Most of us have never been in the hotels within our own city. I think you'll be surprised by what you find. I certainly was. I had no idea that the three (3) hotels in my city were so elegant. Once I stepped inside, I felt like I was in another town thousands of miles away. In addition to looking at the hotel, I would also recommend that you check out the restaurants and nightclubs in and around the property.

For a romantic getaway near home, make reservations for 1 or 2 nights at a nice hotel within an hour's drive from where you live. To make the trip even more memorable, you might schedule it during a special event that is taking place near the hotel. If you're not familiar with what events might be scheduled, contact the hotel. They'll be happy to provide you with this information.

I particularly like romantic getaways near home because I can afford to do them more often.

Romantic Getaways For Adventure

The list of possible romantic getaways for adventure is extensive. The uniqueness of these getaways is that the adventure itself produces a special kind of romance. The elements of danger and mystery that are a normal part these activities expand the dimensions of a relationship. In a tiny way, it is similar to what happens when people experience the dangers of being in combat together. The extreme circumstances propel them beyond typical relationship development parameters and they end up creating the closest friendships of their lives!
Popular romantic getaways for adventure include snow skiing, water skiing, jet skiing, scuba diving, riving rafting, and backpacking trips.

For more extreme romantic getaways for adventure, try skydiving, mountain climbing, or bungee jumping. If you want to truly bare your souls to one another while looking into the face of God, go for one these adventures. I've never tried any of them but I've been told, as I indicated above, that they take you to a place spiritually that can only be understood by those who have done it. One couple told me that they had instant clarity on whether they should remain together or separate after they went sky diving. They were married less than six months later!

Some less semi-extreme adventures include hot air ballooning, parasailing, and cavern repelling.

Hot air ballooning has become more and more popular over the years. People who've done it say that there is nothing like it. A friend of mine who attends ballooning events annually talks fondly about the stillness, the incredible views, and the beauty of the balloons, which are usually very colorful. There are many companies that offer packages for groups and couples complete with wine, cheese, and crackers.

Parasailing is an activity that you normally find at waterfront resort locations. Parasailing takes you flying through the air by being towed behind boat while attached to a special parachute, known as a parasail. Many operators can take two (2) people up at the same time.

Cavern repelling is similar to rock climbing, but instead of climbing up you repel down into a subterranean cave. You might find yourself not only wrestling with your courage because you're hanging over 150 feet from the bottom, but also captivated at the same time by the amazing geological formations. Unlike rock or mountain climbing, there isn't much skill or physical strength required for repelling.

I rappelled down Moaning Cavern in Vallecito, California. A girlfriend, who had already rappelled there once before, insisted that we do it together as a way to enrich our relationship. It worked! The experience of confronting fear together in such a majestic environment added a new dimension to our relationship.
Romantic getaways for adventure can inspire a relationship to grow in unique ways. The outcome can be greater fulfillment and romance!

Romantic Getaways For Fitness Refinement

Romantic getaways for fitness refinement are a choice that can only be fully appreciated by couples who are passionate about fitness. I am going to present two (2) options. The first one is created and guided by someone else. The second one is created and guided by you. If you want some ideas for the second choice, a suggested plan is included.

For a fitness refinement vacation that is organized and lead by someone else, there are resorts, companies, and individuals who specialize in these. They usually offer fitness training, healthy meals, spa services, and wide range of related classes and seminars. If you want a highly structured fitness vacation with like-minded people than this is the right choice for you.

If you prefer privacy, control of your schedule, and the ability to select the location that you want, I would recommend creating your own fitness refinement vacation. This may be the best choice for a romantic getaway for fitness refinement. In addition, it may be more economical. Here's a suggested plan:
  1. Pick a location that you've always wanted to visit and then find a hotel that has a nice fitness center, spa, pool, and maybe a tennis court.
  2. Create a daily schedule for yourselves that includes aerobic and resistance exercise; sports activities such tennis, canoeing, or surfing; and spa activities such as saunas, massages, and skin treatments.
  3. Create a daily nutritional plan that includes supplements such as vitamins, minerals, and other key substances; fresh juice preferably from a local juice bar or health food store; and predetermined breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus that are in low fat, animal products, and sugar, but includes lots of fruits and vegetables.
  4. Set some fitness refinement goals. These might include goals for body weight, exercise, and nutrition. Setting goals will make the vacation experience more interesting. It can also add an element of competition, which can be an aphrodisiac for many people.
  5. Purchase at least three (3) books that focus on exercise, nutrition, supplements, and personal development. So that you can find the best ones, start looking for these books well in advance of your vacation. If you can afford it, purchase two (2) copies of each book so that you can read and discuss them at the same time.
  6. Pick a reward to give yourselves each day for achieving your fitness goals. The rewards might include purchasing a special activity such as swimming with some dolphins or renting a land or water vehicle, buying a new item of clothing or accessory, or getting tickets to a concert or other entertainment.
  7. Select a super reward to give yourselves at the end of your vacation for achieving your fitness goals. You could give yourselves this reward at the end of your vacation or at a convenient time when you return. Super rewards might include going to a special dinner at a fancy restaurant or going to a leading concert or play.
The objective of romantic getaways for fitness refinement is to discover the sexiness of fitness and to reap the benefits of looking and feeling great, having stimulating conversation, and experiencing unrivaled romance!

Romantic Getaways For Relationship Renewal

One of the best choices for romantic getaways for relationship renewal is to attend a couples' retreat. A couples' retreat can be a tremendous learning and growing experience for you as a couple and as individuals. It can help to increase your knowledge about each other, resolve longstanding conflicts, and create more intimacy in your relationship. They can also provide you with the opportunity to meet other couples. And they can be just plain fun!

I've attended several couples' retreats and workshops. I also produced one for my non-profit singles organization and was guest speaker at another. I found them to be very enlightening and enjoyable. I was particularly surprised by what I learned about myself.

There are many different types of couples' retreats. Many of them specialize in relationship renewal while others have a health or spiritual emphasis. The duration of the retreat can range from one (1) day to a week or more.

Many different types of organizations offer couples' retreats. Some of them are lead by psychologists or clergy. Others are lead by individuals or couples who through their passion in this area have become experts.
The costs vary widely depending on the popularity of the leader, the location, and the length.

If you prefer a private relationship renewal activity, create your own by finding a good book on the subject that contains couple's communication processes and exercises. Then integrate these activities into a vacation or weekend getaway. This effort might provide the information that you both need to renew your relationship.
The immediate benefit to a romantic getaway for relationship renewal is the spark of passion that it can create. When I attended a couples' retreat during a relationship that had become stale, I was astounded by the intensity of our passion afterwards. I found that the elation of resolving a number of longstanding problems instantly renewed our passion.

Romantic Getaways To Island Paradises

Romantic getaways to island paradises is the first choice for many people. Considering the incredible beauty they can have, it's easy to understand why. The key to making to most of these vacations is learning about the secrets to island romance. I will share these secrets with you along with some travel tips from the perspective of a former island resident- me.

I once asked a seasoned executive with a large travel company, who had been around the world many times, what the best resort locations were for value, beauty, and romance. Without hesitation he said, "Bermuda, Fiji, and Hawaii!" Since his job centered on large corporate clients, his choices were most likely based on hotel quality, accessibility, and safety. Many other people who I've asked the same question gave me the same locations.

Tropical islands have always had a reputation for being the perfect romantic getaway and I think I know why. I lived on two (2) different islands in Hawaii at different points in my life and have visited there more times than I can count. It didn't take me long to discover the secrets to island romance.

I was 19 years old the first time I lived in Hawaii. I rented an apartment in Waikiki on the island of Oahu and drove a white Cadillac taxi. In Hawaii, many of the taxis are luxury vehicles and almost all of them look normal except for the magnetized taxi dome on the roof. I've never seen a better place to work as a taxi driver. This exciting job exposed me to all aspects of the city and culture. Many years later, I lived in Kihei on the island of Maui and worked as an area manager for a national company.

Here are the secrets to island romance.

Island Spirit: The majority of the people on the island are there for vacation/holiday or a honeymoon. This produces an atmosphere that is relaxed, happy, and festive.

Romantic Expectations: Many of people who come to resort islands have strong expectations for romance. Usually they have imagined the romance that they desire for months, or even years before they arrive. This was one of many questions that I would ask customers who were riding in my taxi.

Warm Balmy Weather: This kind of weather allows people to wear very little clothing, skimpy outfits, and bathing suits every day. It also invites people to get wet in pools, showers, and in the ocean. Do I need to explain further?

Fragrant Tropical Flowers: There is an abundance of highly fragrant flowers everywhere! With such a concentration of flowers, there is a wonderful aroma in the air. This is especially true late at night and early in the morning. These exotic fragrances inspire romance!

Clean Fresh Air: Its isolated location, frequent strong winds and rain, and limited industrial activities provide islands with some of the best air on earth! The quality of this air refreshes and invigorates your body. You can imagine what it does for your libido.

Incomparable Sunsets: The clean air, abundant clouds, and oceanfront landscapes unite together to create magnificent sunsets almost every day! No wonder it's a Hawaiian tradition to celebrate the end of each day with a ceremony. Few things are more romantic than sharing a sunset, or a sunrise.

Visual Sensations: By having rich soil, ideal climate, clean air, and clear water the colors of the sky, ocean, and vegetation are extremely vivid! This extraordinary beauty has an energizing affect.

Island Music: Island music is typically festive, lively, and romantic. Hawaiian music is a little different from what you'd find in places like the Caribbean. It uses different instruments, its style is a more laid back, and it contains more story telling and romantic ballads. Getting into the traditional local music is a great way to appreciate the spirit and rhythm of whatever island you visit.

Ocean Wave Sounds: There is something magical about the rhythmic sounds of waves hitting the shore. Even when you're not looking at them, their sounds remind you of their presence and their tempo has a relaxing affect on your mind.

Put all these things together and you have the perfect formula for a romantic getaway to island paradises!

Because of its vast infrastructure and location on main travel routes, Hawaii offers the best value for the money that I have found. In addition, there are hotel and travel packages to fit every budget.

When it comes to romantic getaways to island paradises, all you really need to pack is your bathing suit, sunglasses, and toothbrush and you're ready to go!

Brad Paul
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