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Romantic Dates on A Budget

Monday, 18 June 2012

Submitted by davestack

Once upon a time, people splurged on a romantic dates as if the entire relationship depended on it. Candlelight dinners for two in a high-end restaurant, dozens of roses and imported chocolates, or luxurious trips around the city. Now, that's a little bit harder.

Dates have become a little more casual. You can just imagine that people now consider a movie date as sweet, eating at a smaller but cozier restaurant as romantic. Especially for people who follow budget after budget, it's important to struggle to please the other person and have a great time, but stick to places and activities that won't leave a hole in the pocket.

Sweet and Thoughtful
Love to sweep your lover off his/her feet? One tried-and-tested alternative to fancy dinner restaurants is a home-cooked meal. Nothing warms a lover's heart and stomach more than an intimate dinner made by someone special. If you know how to cook, then prepare only his/her favorite dishes that you know. And for those who don't, well, nothing that a little cook book can't show you! Add extra flair to the table and bring out your best dishes. Flowers on a vase or tall candles in the middle of the table will enhance the romantic atmosphere! Don't forget to get the desserts, too. It's crucial that you pick delectable desserts that your date will love such as a bowl of strawberries with chocolate dip, blueberry muffins, cinnamon and apple desserts, or even chopped fruits with thick, sweet cream.

Feeling the Outdoors
Picnic are a great way to bask in the late afternoon sun and see the sunset. If you're the active-type couple this is one that is a must! Outdoors are a great way to bond. Walk around the park, go hiking, follow a nature trail!

Moonlight Walks on the Beach
As cliché as it might be the beach is one of the most romantic places on earth when you're out there, enjoying a star-blanketed date with your special someone! Search for a clean spot that you can spread a big blanket on. Prepare food that you made yourself, buy an inexpensive but good quality wine, or you can even add around the blanket 3 or 4 tiny candles, making sure it's inside a fire-proof clear glass as beaches are quite windy so you need these to protect the flames. One creative move involves a battery-operated speaker and an iPod with all your favorite love songs on shuffle.

Ordering Pizza and Watching a Movie At Your Place
This is the cheapest you can get, possibly too cheap for most people to appreciate. But there are people who consider this date as romantic as it takes a certain level of commitment to invite a someone inside your home or in your apartment. It also connotes that you're comfortable enough with each other to feel satisfied staying at home with movies and a pizza.

The thing we should remember is it doesn't really matter where you go out, but the intention of a mutual understanding of what the other person would find as fun and enjoyable. Don't limit the places that you can go and where you can have fun! Always be creative to keep a tight reign on that budget!

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