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Rock Climbing: Stay Fit While Having Fun, Anyone Can Do It Even Me

Sunday, 17 June 2012

So I have to admit a few months ago I wasn't in the best shape. I could walk and run fine it was the fact I couldn't climb to the 4th floor of a building without breathing heavily. I decided I needed a change but I had tried gyms before and they were not very fun. I wanted to be in shape but I wanted to have fun while I did it.
One day while heading home from work I noticed a rock climbing facility and was immediately intrigued. Then it clicked! That would be fun and I would stay in great shape. The next day I stopped by the place and snooped around a little. I liked what I saw and signed up that day. I wasn't quite ready to climb that day though was a little intimidated by the high walls.
The day finally came, my first time rock climbing, I was scared. For my first day an employee showed me a few tricks and helped me, but I sucked. I was awful and it really hurt my hands. So many blisters after such a short time, but I have to admit even though I was terrible I still had a lot of fun.
I decided to search online for some tips on rock climbing. I watched YouTube videos, read articles while my hands healed. A week later I was ready to try again. This time I was on my own, well a few people helped every now and then to be nice. The things I learned from the videos and articles were not coming in handy at all. I needed more basic stuff so I went home blistered and bruised again.
Went online to see if I would have any better luck this time. To my luck I struck gold! It cost me around $21 but it was fantastic. The YouTube videos couldn't compare and the articles I had read, lets not go there. After reading the ebook I felt so ready to try again. But my hands were telling me a different story.
I waited about 3 days for my hands to heal a bit and I was back at the rock climbing pace. After learning the basics and essentials from the ebook I improved a ton. Even the employee who first taught me noticed. I have been rock climbing ever since, and I am actually getting really good at it. I am also in the best shape of my life.
Everyone has their thing. I happened to find mine and it was rock climbing. If you want to give rock climbing a chance I suggest you read the ebook before starting, believe me you will not regret it.
Julia Goulet
 - About the Author:
My names Julia I have been writing articles for newspapers and other media sources for quite some time now. I do not like letting my personal life get online so I will leave you with this. Follow my articles and you may just get hooked ;-).


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