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The Origin of the Wedding Dress

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Have you ever heard of the story about the wedding dress? Hope you can love my story

Whenever we talk about the wedding dress, the thought of love will appear in our mind freely. It is said that the length of the wedding dress will symbolize your love to him or her. The longer the dress is, the longer you will love him or her. Therefore, many couples want to make the longest wedding dress throughout the world to show their endless love to their loved ones. In the early of 1996, in order to make her wedding more remarkable, one Italian bride had ordered the longest dress, and its total length is 400 meters. It symbolized that the love will be kept forever between her and her husband. It is so long that it broke the record of the Guinness Book which had recorded the length of 326.7 meters.

Do you know the origin of the wedding dress? Have you ever heard the romantic love story about the madam, Rose?

In the 16th century, the European Irish royals were fond of hunting very much. On a summer noon, with the shotguns and hunting dogs, the royal aristocrats were riding the houses, and hunted the rabbits in a small town. Then the Count Richard met the beautiful girl Rose coincidentally, at that time, she was washing clothes beside the river. Love a magic feeling, and it may happen on us at any time unexpectedly. Richard was deeply attracted by the beauty and elegant temperament of Rose, and at the same time, Rose fell in love with this tall and handsome man in the first sight.

After returning from the hunting, Richard can not fall asleep for the whole night, as he missed Rose so much. Under the feudal society, the hierarchy has ruled the whole people, so it is almost impossible for them to stay together. He hoped Rose can be his wife so much, nothing can stop his decision, so he told the emperor that he wanted to get married with Rose, however, his thought was denied by all the royals as Rose was just a common girl. In order to show his determination, Richard refused to eat anything for many days. The emperor valued him so much, and he did not want to lose Richard. In order to make the Richard change his thought, the emperor announced one decision, which was that if Rose can tailor a white dress in one night, then she can marry with Richard. However, there is one more additional condition, the length of the dress must equal to the length from the front part where the pastor stand to the door of the church. Everybody thought that it is impossible to finish such a great task in one night, however, for the love, Rose did not think so.

Rose was a kind-hearted girl, she always helped other people, and therefore she was respected and loved by all the people in her town. That night, all of them kept awake, and tried their best to help her to tailor the dress, and different people did different things. At last, they finished the great task, and one gorgeous and splendid white dress was showed in front of the emperor and royals. The total length of the dress is 16 meters. All of them were shocked by the perseverance of Rose, and they never thought that a common girl can tailor such a terrific dress.

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