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Making Running Fun - How to Add More Fun to Your Running Program

Monday, 18 June 2012

The fastest way to lose momentum with any training program is by doing the same thing over and over without varying anything. Just imagine this, what if you were to run the same course, same distance everyday for the next 3 months-would you do it? I don't think so. You may not even get to the 3rd week.

Lots of people say that running is tedious and boring, and that is impossible to run for life. Well, running can become a monotonous activity, if it is practiced on a mechanical manner, and without taking in consideration the human factor-your mental states, needs and desires. And those who are able to keep a consistent running program are those who address such needs properly.

Life needs variety to keep things fun and exciting, and the instant you fall in the sameness loop-everything becomes predictable. And if it is predictable-it is boring. Just like the last rerun of your favorite TV show; running becomes an activity that you can't stand doing any more, as a result, you fall back and give up exercising.

How to Keep Running Fun and Exciting:

To keep running exciting, you need diversity, keeping workouts diverse is one way to guarantee success. Here a few ways to keep running exciting:

- Change your routes: if you are running in the park, try running on a different route and go explore new territories. This will give a fresh restart to your running like nothing else.

- Vary your schedule: if you are a morning runner, try running in the late evening or at nigh (if possible) and see what happens.

- Cross-Train: instead of relying on running as your sole exercise, try practicing other exercises such as swimming, bicycling or any other cardiovascular activity.

- Vary your distance and speed: instead of running at the same pace for the same distance, try varying your speed by increasing the intensity then cutting it back. This prevents monotony and is good training.

Of course, these are just suggestions; you don't have to follow them verbatim. Running should be fun, and suppose to add enjoyment to your life. Keep on trying different strategies and approaches and find what work best for you.

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