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Learning Spanish is Fun: Tips on how to Learn Spanish

Sunday, 17 June 2012

The best thing to have when one is learning a new language is a strong desire and willingness to learn.Be patient and don't worry if you make mistakes when you speak. Have the courage to get out there and be willing to make mistakes so you can practice speaking. Lose the ego: so many students get frustrated, because they want to be perfect, but  learning a language is like taking baby steps, you are starting out small, and you have to just be compassionate and patient with yourself until you get it right. Learning a language take time. Make a goal for yourself, and give yourself a time limit to learn the language, whatever your schedule permits. Be strict with yourself, and when, you get to a certain level of proficiency reward yourself. Or, if you do well on a quiz or a test,If you make a mistake, just laugh, correct yourself and move forward.
Here are some tips that will help you get the most out of learning Spanish and help you learn the language in no time at all.
Take Language Immersion Classes
This is the best way to get a solid understanding and to build a foundation of the grammar, structure and vocabulary of any language.I highly recommend taking a Spanish class one on one, or with a group, either way if you are just learning a language, you do need the tutelage of someone who can teach you the grammar correctly, help you build on your assets, practice the language and guide you along when you make mistakes. It's very difficult to learn a language on your own, because you miss out on practicing, which is essential to learning any language. You need to speak as much as you can to learn a language to make new neurological pathways in the brain and to train your mouth to use different muscles you've never used before. Having a teacher to guide you in your new language skills is a step in the success of your language comprehension and fluency.
Learn Spanish with Television
 Learning Spanish through television is great fun, because you can watch dramatic soap operas, develop your ear for Spanish, and be entertained at the same time. Until you can actually understand what they are saying, you can read the body language which will help you figure out the gist of the drama or the dialogue. Watch the body language carefully, until you can understand what they are saying. When you can't understand a certain word, write it down and look it up in the dictionary during the commercials. Listening and watching television, helps you develop an ear for the language in which you are learning. Also, watching television will give you a big insight into the culture. I recommend also watching the News. And, always keep a notebook handy to write down notes of what you learned or things you don't understand. If you can, stick to the same show, this way you develop a consistency and start to build the pieces together, little by little things will begin to make more sense, and you'll find more enjoyment and fulfillment from watching television.
Read the Newspaper and Magazines.
It's alright if you don't understand everything, just read READ, READ, READ. As your language skills progresses you'll be able to figure out what the essence of the article is. I recommend reading and perusing fashion magazines, even reading advertisements will help you with learning Spanish. Some interesting Fashion magazines in Spanish for women are Cosmopolitan, Vogue, and Vanidades. You can also find the Spanish version for many magazines at many stores and magazine stands. Here are a few I recommend: Hola, National Geographic and People. I also recommend if you can is reading any local newspaper. If you live in Los Angeles, La Opinion isexcellent source of information. Reading magazines and newspapers is anexcellent and entertaining way to build your vocabulary and grammar, while giving you excellent insight into the Hispanic culture.
Learn Spanish Through Songs
Learn a language through music is one of the best ways. Music is the best way to learn anything. You can learn Spanish through different songs by listening to them aurally or you read the lyrics and translate them. Either way, it will be a fulfilling experience because you will be expanding your knowledge in a very fun way. And, maybe, you'll learn a tune or two. I'll be writing more about learning Spanish through songs in future blogs.
Learn Spanish through Radio
 Learning Spanish through Spanish radio, you can hear the DJ and hear certain words he's saying, you may not be able to make out all of them, but little by little, you'll understand what he's saying.
Learn Spanish through Cooking
Taking cooking classes in Spanish is a great way to learn about the names of foods in Spanish. It's kinesthetic way to learn lanaguage since you are participating fully with all your senses. Your brain makes a connection with pleasure and helps you recall Spanish vocabulary easier.
Go to a Spanish speaking country
When you are forced to speak the language everyday you have no choice but to skyrocket your fluency in the language. It's sink or swim and your brain will automatically dive for the Spanish that you know. Little by little, you'll be speaking. It may not always be perfect, but the key is to get SPEAKING SPANISH RIGHT AWAY. So, just do it, and don't be afraid of making mistakes, because the only way you will learn is by practicing and sometimes you'll make mistakes, so just laugh and keep practicing.
Practice Spanish with everyone you know.
 I always take people on field trips so they can practice their Spanish that they already know with everyone they know. Go to the Latino area in your neighborhood and go to supermarkets, restaurants, and venues. I often take my students to see a restaurant so they can practice ordering food to the Spanish waiters. When, you get really good you can see a Salsa Band or a Flamenco show to immerse yourself not just in the language but also Latin and Spanish culture.
My Motto is Learning Spanish is Fun.When learning Spanish or any language, try to make it fun ! Do things that you enjoy doing and that will help you get a sense of the language. Take a yoga class in Spanish or a dance class, or take a cooking class. Cooking in Spanish parties is a great way to learn Spanish. Also, go to your favorite Mexican restaurant and practice with the staff. Do whatever you can to improve your language skills, and by and by, you will improve and soon you'll be speaking in a way that will surprise yourself.
Sabrina Rongstad-Bravo
 - About the Author:
Sabrina Rongstad- Bravo. I have been teaching Spanish for ten years. If you are interested in Speaking Spanish or taking Spanish classes please visit my website,  http://www.escuela-espanol.com/ You may also contact me at sabrina@escuela-espanol.com  


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