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Interesting Dog Stories From An Online Pet Supplies Store

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Submitted by chloebouch8796

If you were to ask any dog owner, to narrate some of their pet stories ensure that you also allocate some time to listen. The reason being, the stories will not only involve some of strangest things they noticed about their pet but also favorite dog supplies like dog clothing, dog food, dog toys, and other pet supplies.

If anything, you will get to know where they get some dog supplies cheap like dog boots, collars for dogs, the best dog toys etc. and the specific online pet supplies shops. A few other dog owners will not hesitate to explain on some of the special efforts made to buy these dog supplies. They may also brag of their visits to various pet supplies shops to buy special dog clothing and dog boots for their pet, how their dog plays with his or her dog toys and some interesting details on their pet's reaction towards dog collars and leashes. Interestingly, some dog owners admit to the fact that they find it easy to deal with their dogs than with human beings. The argument owes to the fact that dogs do not have egos; they do not interrupt when you talk or try to exhibit their intelligence. Actually, some dog owners seem to feel sorry for those who do not own dogs.

It is amazing the kind of stories you would get from these dog owners that demonstrate how their pets have been of great help through some challenges and how they managed to sail through them owing to their pets' assistance.

One of the dog owners narrated a story on how his dog was of great help when he faced a certain situation. According to him, his dog is incomparable to other dogs considering its swift thinking. It all started on a dark and stormy night where the dog owner was returning home from a walk with his dog. It was about 11:30 PM and being cloudy, it was pitch dark and drizzling. The man had an umbrella on one hand and held the dog leash with the other so it was difficult handling both tasks. Suddenly, his dog stopped moving and regardless of how hard the man tried to pull it, the dog refused to move. Therefore, he would not understand the pet's sudden disobedience since his dog was always obedient. Suddenly, there was lightning and in that moment, the man saw a cobra lying in the middle of the road. Fortunately, the cobra was not in a position to move, probably because it had just eaten its prey. Thanks to his dog, the man was able to rush back home safe and sound but using another route. Otherwise, until this day this dog is this man's best friend.

Another interesting incident happened after a few months of the previous incident and in this incident turned the dog into a hero, owing to the adventurous dog owner. During this day, it was about noon as the man took a walk to a deserted place when the incident occurred. The man took his dog for a walk and when as they approached a particular house, the dog stopped. The man did not understand why the dog stopped because he had not seen anything unusual. However, the dog would not allow him to move near the place. The man could only hear sounds from distant vehicles but the dog seemed as if, he was trying hard to listen to some sound. The man also tried to listen but he could not hear a thing and finally he could hear feeble voices of two people talking inside the house. Actually, there were burglars who waivered their way through into the house. Apparently, they were packing some valuables and as soon as he realized this, he alerted the police who responded swiftly and seized the culprits.

Amazingly, the dog's intelligence surprised the cops a lot. In other terms, the animal gained popularity in the police circles and those who heard of its intelligence. It was from that time henceforth that the cops started seeking the pet's assistance whenever they felt it was necessary. The dog's popularity spread to the nearest towns where it helped to seize some thieves in a heist case and it is now popular even in the country headquarters.

On the other hand, this forced the man to travel along with his companion to far-off places. Furthermore, the pet's reputation has not only led to the owner's exposure to newer places but also to some income. Despite these experiences, it is important to visit online pet supplies stores often to buy dog supplies cheap like dog food, dog clothing, dog boots, best dog toys, collars for dogs and other pet shop supplies. These supplies will not only ensure that your pet is healthy all the time but will increase its loyalty to you.

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