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How To Build A Sandcastle - Sand castle Building Fun and Science

Sunday, 17 June 2012

It's great beach fun for kids to learn how to build a sandcastle!

And, what's even better is it's totally free beach fun!

Beach fun for kids isn't just about the sand and the waves. No way! There's a lot more beach fun kids can have and they can learn something all at the same time while turning their summer and beach fun into an educational adventure!

Do you know the three most important features of successful sandcastle building? There are three initial ones everyone should know before building a sandcastle.

First, the sand you use can be critical and determines how solid your structure will be. So the better the sand, the stronger your structure. (However, just what makes the best sand seems to be controversial. This will need to be addressed in another article because it will get me too far off topic in this article.)

Second important factor, is to know how to make a proper building site and foundation for your castle. Just like any building or structure, your sandcastle must have a solid foundation before you start piling on the turrets and towers.

Third important factor, your largest molds are going to go on the bottom. As you build your sandcastle upward, your molds should get smaller and smaller. Making the largest molds on the bottom which will provide the strongest foundation for you. Otherwise, your sandcastle will likely collapse if it's not supported with a strong foundation.

Once you have spent time on making a strong foundation, then you can let your creative medieval mind run wild and start making your sandcastle as your imagination leads you!

Moms and Dads: As long as you bring the right sandcastle building supplies your kids should be able to entertain themselves for hours while you relax and kick it at the beach this summer.

Not only is building sandcastles free it's also something that every age can participate in - even the adults! So let sandcastle building be your ultimate family beach fun this summer.

My next article will provide you with your sandcastle building tool list. Most of your tools can be found right in your kitchen!

Download your free how-to guides on turning sandcastle fun into an educational experience. Learn sandcastle building, sandcastle terminology, fun sand facts, and grab your own sandcastle building tools list. learning how to build a sandcastle!

 - About the Author:
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