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Having Fun is All About Laughter

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

We could all use more fun and laughter in our lives. In fact, having fun should be a top priority for us. It is such an important part of our daily stress management, promoting better health and greater happiness. We had fun and laughed frequently during our childhood. As we evolved and life got more serious, we forgot how to have fun and laugh.

These days, we are so busy with our daily lifestyles that we forget or don't have time for fun in our lives. While the activities that occupy our time are crucial to our daily living, having fun and laughter is equally as important. We have to be more open and ready for fun. This requires that we live in the present moment and not focus on the past or always worry about the future. We have to learn how to eliminate the negative stressful thoughts. Laughter and fun offer a step toward the process of eliminating or reducing stress.

There are so many ways to have fun and laughter. Here are some ideas based on shared experiences:


Friends can play a major role in fun and laughter. Setting aside some time to get together with friends can be a wonderful outlet for fun and laughter. Having a standing time to get together, like once a month, can provide something to look forward to with a group of friends. Rotating the location can also make it fun and help everyone share the responsibility for having fun. It may also be an avenue for spontaneity and a variety of fun ideas. In this type of setting, you can share some funny stories that made you laugh in the past and could result in new fun and laughter at the present moment. Most people like to share funny stories.


Spending family time together with fun and laughter is essential in life. Whether it is at the dinner table or at a designated time on the weekend/weekdays or spontaneously, sharing fun stories, jokes, simple tickling or other experiences can be filled with fun and laughter. It can form wonderful family bonds and memories for years to come. When you spend time with your family laughing, it creates a contagious environment. Before you know it, everyone is laughing and having fun.

Game Playing

Playing games, especially creative ones where you draw, sing or act out a scene, can result in a lot of laughter and fun. Albeit, it may be at the expense of a person's performance, but it is laughing with them and not at them. That seems to be generally understood. Other table games like cards, dominos, chess, checkers, sorry and a variety of other board games also produce a similar outcome of fun and laughter with a different dynamic.

Comedy Relief

Comedians are notorious for bringing us a lot of laughter and fun times. Selecting a movie night with family and/or friends could be very entertaining and fun-filled. You might rent a comedy movie or watch standup comedy with your favorite comedian like Robin Williams or Jeff Dunham. Another alternative might be seeing a comedy movie in the theater; catching a matinee is a cost-effective approach. Attending a comedy club performance offers another option; finding coupons online or getting on a mailing list might result in discount pricing. Any of these choices will lead to laughter and fun.


Many times, a common hobby fosters the type of interaction that leads to laughter and fun. It could be a group function like cooking, exercising, shopping, bike riding, hiking, beach fun and other types of hobbies. Doing it with others that share a similar interest and enjoying that time together offers the opportunity for fun and laughter.

Theme Parties

Some times, developing a theme party with family and friends most likely will produce the end result of fun and laughter. Convening a Hawaiian Luau, Caribbean Festival, Halloween dress up night, a Yoga/Spa Pampering Day, Pot Luck Cookout, a makeup party, a jewelry exchange lunch, etc. could be a lot of fun and lead to laughter.

Joke Telling

You might think that not everyone is cut out to be a joke teller. These days, there are so many vehicles for getting information. Jokes can be found on the internet, through the social networks, on email, on the radio or television and so on. Jokes make people smile, laugh and have fun. Jokes don't have to be perfect, just as long as they evoke a smile, a chuckle or some laughter it is good for the soul.

In conclusion, we get this one life and what happens in it matters. Laughter and fun make life more enjoyable, healthier and filled with greater happiness. It enables us to deal with challenges, offers positive interactions and allows us to push on in life. We are left with a positive attitude, a feeling of love, joy, faith, well being and happiness. Best wishes for fun and laughter in your life today and always…

Zaida R
 - About the Author:
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