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Fun Wedding Favors to Entertain your Guests

Monday, 18 June 2012

You can use your wedding favors to great advantage if you are clever about what you buy.  Handing out fun favors which will entertain your guests before the wedding breakfast is served is a good way of getting everyone talking and conversing with each other.  It is also a good way of introducing people to one another and creating the kind of atmosphere you want for your wedding reception.
Traditionally wedding favors would be simple bags or boxes of candies or chocolates.  These favors are far more sophisticated and brides have a far wider choice available to them.  From elegant to themed there are now wedding favors available to suit just about any wedding.
Fun wedding favors involve choosing something that will give your guests something to do, a game to play or trick to work out.  Magic tricks are good choice here and most joke and magic stores have little tricks that can serve as favors.  Packs of playing cards are another good option as it is often surprising how many people know a card trick or two!
Your could also use your wedding favors to create a quiz perhaps with questions about yourselves or create different quizzes for each table to be played amongst themselves or maybe passed around.  If you wanted to take it a step further you could turn it into a competition and have small prizes available for those guests who get the most questions right!
Or look for mini puzzles that will have your guests busy trying to figure them out.  Christmas cracker suppliers are a good source of little games and puzzles suitable as use as favors.  Another idea is mini table top gamessuch as mini ten pin bowling, magnetic fishing and jacks.  Again all of these could be passed around thus helping to create the fun atmosphere you want.
Unless your favors are edible many wedding guests are unlikely to take their favors home or even remember them, so mini gifts like these which can be passed around the room make for fun and enjoyment for everyone and no doubt will certainly be talked about for a long time into the future!
 - About the Author:
I am a freelance writer writing extensively about weddings and wedding planning for a major US wedding website.  Living and working in the UK I am also a busy married mother of three!


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