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Fun Town at Legoland California is Indeed a Fun Town

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Well, you're still at Legoland California and you've made it through the first three areas, The Beginning, Dino Island and Explore Village. The next area you'll visit is true to its name and there is plenty of fun for all to be had at a kid's sized town called Fun Town. This is the largest area in the park. There are twelve featured rides, attractions and shows in all here so get your selves and the kids ready for a few adventure packed hours of fun! A good place for the kids to start would be the Sky Cruiser ride. This is a kid ride with petal powered Lego cars on a track a few feet above Fun Town that circles the Kid Power Towers and allows for a nice view of the park. Kids only 36" tall can enjoy the ride when a child accompanies them at least 48" tall. The 48" rule generally applies for smaller kids. When they are through cruising around the track the Kid Power Towers are right there. This is a ride that adults can take with the kids.You go up one of three towers and "free fall" kid style to the bottom. You can see the entire park as well as the ocean on this one!

The next adventure is a great one for all the kids and is the Volvo Driving School. For the younger ones there is the Volvo Junior Driving School with a minimum age of 3 years to 5 years old. They can even earn their very own official Legoland drivers license. The kids are strapped in genuine Lego electric cars and are allowed to drive without being on a track. The kids 6 to 13 years old get to earn their Legoland drivers license as well at the Volvo Driving School. Here the kids drive larger electric Lego cars and learn rules of the road such as starting, stopping, turning, and signaling. When the kids are through driving they'll want to go on a Sky Patrol. These little prop planes go up and down and the little ones love this ride.

Across the way from the driving schools is the Big Test show. Adults usually like this attraction as the can enjoy the show while setting down. There is where the kids will learn all about fire safety. It's also 20 minutes of great family entertainment watching the very funny volunteer Fun Town Fire Department. They use a working fire truck and try to beat the "Big Test" on a Lego buildings set. You could get a little wet here! After going through the big test it makes sense that the Fun Town Fire Academy would be next. This is a workout for the entire family. Fire trucks carrying a parent and a kid race up to a pump station and the parent pumps vigorously while the kid aims the water nozzle and tries to put out a fire in a burning building. Don't worry. The "burning" building is harmless.

You and the kids have probably worked up an appetite by now so you might want to stop by the Fun Town Market. There you can have a soft drink and some pasta, a sandwich or a salad. There are other selections as well and you can enjoy your meal while sitting at an outdoor table and relaxing under an umbrella. If you'd prefer a great, and healthy, hot dog and fries the Fun Town Hot Dog is right next door.

Now that you've had a bite to eat and have rested a bit you'll want to check out the Legoland Club House in Fun Town. This is where you can build your own Lego creation and then pay for it by the pound and take it with you. The Lego Factory Tour is next door and is where you'll learn first hand how Lego bricks are made and packaged. After you've had the tour you can buy Lego bricks by the quarter pound. The next adventure is for all ages and is named the Adventures Club, This is where the family can go on a walk through trip where you will see scenes and inhabitants from the Artic Circle, Egypt at the time of the pharaohs, the Amazon jungle and more. After the Adventure's journey you can do a little shopping at the Brick Brothers Trading Company for some neat surfing clothes. After all, you are on the southern California coast!

After this brick building and shopping the kids will surely be ready for another airplane ride and they can do this at the Flight Squadron. And what's better after an airplane ride than a boat ride? The Skipper School, and the final adventure in Fun Town, would be the place for this. Kids from 34" tall to adults can steer their Lego boats around the lagoons while being on the look out for the Skipper himself, floating around in a bathtub.

Now that you've made it through The Beginning, Dino Island, Explore Village and Fun Town you're almost half way through Legoland California! Pirate Shores will be the next area you'll visit and is full of adventures that the entire family will enjoy. Ahoy, matey!
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