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Engagement Rings: Happy Endings Do Happen!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012


We were amazed of the story of Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. Love stories that filled the imaginations of the children. Our parents teach us that after sacrifices we can gain happiness. Happiness of true love. These three ladies find the real happiness with their Prince Charmings after a long service to their second family, fighting with ugly step mother or years of sleeping because of a curse. It is a very positive outlook in life. We are taught to look on the brighter side of our experiences.

But as we go on living and exploring the real world we began to contest the concept of happy endings. The story of Iliad showed that because of love a nation was burned. Story of Phibus and Thisbe shows a real drama of killing each other. Romeo and Juliet was not a happy ending as well. The famous Jack and Rose love story that touched a million lives was not a happy ending. Was it because there was no engagement rings involved?

This shows that happy endings do not always happen but it does. At some point in our life we may feel agony of losing someone but to our surprise they are compensated with other ones who come along. We just have to open our eyes and see the beauty in every creation of God. 

Also, another consideration to gain happiness is fighting for your love. We determine our destiny. Through determination we can make them realize that happiness is through wearing the engagement rings that you are offering.

Have you ever wonder how your parents had a happy ending? Or have you ever asked them about their love story? I did. I am curious of how my parents met and fell in love with each other. And after long years of being together they have not separated. How could a person deal with the same face everyday. Is boredom to each other ever crossed their minds? Then I realize when you love each other, even the world will vanish you'll stand through it. That's how powerful love is.

I asked my mom why is she still wearing her old and junky engagement rings? Can't my father replaced that one. She answered no. Why? Because it was the first gift she ever received from my father. It was priceless. Though my father will buy another engagement rings, she wuld still wear it. It is an old jewelry that reminds them of their love for each other. A genuine love per se.

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I love walking through the rain. It lessens my sorrow and make me feel life is light. I can cry through it wiyhout noone noticing it. With the rain I can shout all my life. It's the only time that I am happy. I used to live in sorrow the rain was my companion. It made me sleep tight at night. The sound and wind seemed to caressed my face. How long I have waited that the rain could turn to a man. A man who could spend his life with me.

The time has come that the rain will stop I will go back to my original life. A boring and agonizing life. I can't escape anymore because the rain escaped from my hands. Ah! Love is just like rain. It comes and goes. It will easen your soul yet when it leaves it will break your heart. Is it better not to love but no hurt than love with happiness that doesn't last? Can engagement rings prove a love that will not vanish. I'll wait for the answer, till the rain comes again.

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