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The Discovery of the Brainwaves of Love and Happiness: How Can You Benefit?

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Submitted by jon@peakace.com

How many love affairs have gone sour, leaving you to wonder what would have happened if you or your partner had just been more loving? How many different things have you done in your life to be happier, only to discover that they were short lasting? If you could be happier and more loving, how would that change your life?

What if you were able to actually train your brain to feel happier and more loving? Dr. Beverly Rubik has found that there are particular brainwaves associated with feelings of love and happiness, and that ordinary people can be trained to enhance these brainwaves in just one session of Neureka! biofeedback training. Your brain is actually capable of switching into a state where happiness and love predominate. Other feelings such as gratitude, satisfaction, and enhanced awareness also frequently accompany them. When Dr. Rubik described these experiences and asked her subjects in the study to switch into each of them, this pleasant brainwave pattern shown on the screen became larger. As their feelings waxed and waned, they were able to sense the relationship between these positive feelings and the Neureka! neurofeedback (brainwave biofeedback). They rated the relationships between 6 of their feelings and the neurofeedback as "strong" to "very strong", with happiness and love at the top of the ratings chart. Three feelings diminished as the Neureka brain signal became larger--disappointed, stressed, and bored.

All in all, the pleasant brainwaves of love and happiness brought with them a wide range of positive feelings. Furthermore, the study showed that the end of the first session the subjects were able to enhance the pleasant brainwaves very quickly when they were asked to do so. Experienced meditators were able to do even better than everyday people.

If you were able to switch these loving and happy experiences on at any moment just by finding the mental place where they already are stored, how much better would your life be? This fascinating feedback system allows you to practice flipping this mental switch and enhance your ability to experience happiness, love, and satisfaction. You can do this directly, without having to think about something or to do a happiness exercise. It's just there for you when you want it. Early in your practice, if you're having trouble getting to a happy or loving feeling, the system actually helps you get there by providing DVDs and CDs that create the mood.

Imagine sitting in front of your computer with a headband or headphone on, just groovin' on a beautiful experience. The better you feel, the bigger the picture gets and the louder the sound becomes. You are soon so absorbed in the wonderful experience that the picture is as big as it can get, and your mind is filled with feelings of appreciation, gratitude, happiness and love. As you continue this enjoyable training, you learn to sustain these feelings and make them stronger each session. The switch, once elusive, is now in your grasp. When you succeed, you know it because the feedback shows you the blue bar rising, the picture getting bigger, and the sound getting louder. If you wish to be reminded to practice during the time you're not in front of the computer, there's a small timer you can put in your pocket or wear on your belt that can vibrate every few minutes to keep you experiencing love and satisfaction.

This new neurofeedback system also trains you to focus your attention and to find the optimal level of alertness--not too sleepy, not too anxious--to achieve peak performance. Single-pointed focus can also help your love life. This complete kit is designed for use by professionals doing peak performance and happiness training, as well as the home user who can navigate through a typical computer program. In fact, everything about the system is designed for simplicity.

It's the perfect Valentine's Day gift for the couple that wants to fall deeper in love! Now you can find that "lovin' feeling" again.

Jonathan D. Cowan is a certified brainwave biofeedback clinician and a neuroscientist with a Ph.D. from the University of California, San Francisco Medical Center. He is the developer of the

Peak Brain Happiness Trainer
, described here, and the
Peak Achievement Trainer

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