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Developing New Career Skills

Monday, 17 October 2011

Submitted by James Copper

The volatility of the current marketplace has left many people seeking to acquire new career skills, so that they will become more open to a diverse line of work. When a worker increases their skill set, they make themselves more marketable and attractive to potential employers. While some may think their days of learning new things are over, it is simpler than you may imagine to attain fresh knowledge. Fresh knowledge can be gained without breaking the bank if you know where and how to look for information. Below we will examine some ways of going about this that are easy to follow and accomplish.

One of the greatest and most often overlooked way to gain new skills is to work with your current employer if you have one. Many companies and firms will actually pay their employees to learn new ways of doing things, thereby increasing their value to the company. Oftentimes, these opportunities are offered in the way of workshops or weekend seminars. Still others will be offered as night classes that will not interfere with your current schedule. It is best to speak with a supervisor or manager to see what might be available to you. Once you receive your certification, you may be able to move up the ladder and receive a boost in pay. Some companies prefer that you commit to continue working for them through a signed contract before sending you off to educate yourself. This is to prevent you from taking the knowledge and then applying it at one of their competitors.

Another exciting way to develop new career skills is through online classes. Many courses are now taught completely online, so that you do not have to move anywhere to attend college. These courses allow you to work at your own pace and offer the person who is already living their life, great flexibility. In addition to an online college, you may also want to explore night classes at a local community college. These classes are often filled with adult students looking to get their foot in the door on a new career.

Obtaining new career skills is of great value to the worker. Concentrating on a new craft or artistry project is another way to gain new talents. The life of a crafts person may be more appealing to someone who has felt trapped in the corporate world. By obtaining different skills you are opening yourself up to a whole new life.

James Copper is an author that writes about gaining new career skills after training

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