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Wednesday, 20 June 2012


The emergence of Web 2.0 technologies has led to an explosion in the ability of people to communicate with one another. Not only is it easier to get in touch with, and stay in contact with people, but you can also communicate in a variety of new and exciting ways. Social networking lets you tell the story of your life not only through linear words, but through pictures, videos, comments, forums, groups, applications, and a wide variety of other media.

These technologies were originally used to help people keep in touch with the story of one another's lives. However now, people are actually starting to experiment with the creation of fictional lives, using these same technological advances.

On social networks across the web, people are creating accounts as fictional characters, people that they made up. These characters are sometimes regular people, but more often they are exciting heroes, detectives, spies, warlords, or evil geniuses. They aren't even always human, and there are a wide variety of vampires, werewolves, and wizards joining these same social networks.

There are even whole networks which are now being devoted, to allow people to engage in these practices with one another, in self contained environments. This eliminates the questions and the awkwardness that can come into play on some of the larger social networks, when real people encounter fictional characters made up by members.

The idea is that if real people can communicate stories through these media, then fictional stories can also be created, which will then be told and retold, in tandem with other people, across an almost infinite variety of media.

The real draw to this is the interactive element that allows you to create a story, not isolated in your own mind, but along with a group of other people. This makes the art of storytelling much more dynamic, giving you a fresh perspective on any creative ideas that leap to your mind.

The future of storytelling is just starting to be revealed. As technology advances, people will become more and more sophisticated in their ability to communicate ideas, and tell tales across a variety of media. Its an exciting time to be a creative individual.

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