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Blogging for Fun and Friendship, Part 2

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

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by Rafael Corney, dating coach

In part 1 of this series, we discussed the basics of blogging: ."

  • what a blog is,
  • how to set one up, and
  • the ways of approaching content.

In this article we'll talk about what to write about and how to meet people through your blog.

Setting Up Your Profile

First, we'll assume you have been successful in setting up your blog.

A feature of most blogging programs is for you to set up a personal profile where you can list personal information, your interests and favorites: books, movies, songs, and so on.

This is an opportunity for you to put yourself out there to attract people with similar characteristics and interests.

Deciding on Content

Second, you've probably decided how you're going to handle your blog's content.

Are you going to focus on a central topic or theme, or are you going to comment on things and events in a more general way?

If you opt for a single focus, some example blog topics include video and computer gaming, the 2008 presidential election, running, vegetarianism, just to name a few.
If you go for the general approach, you can comment on daily news events, your feelings, literature and poetry (you can even write your own), or anything else that comes to mind.

Responding to and Making Comments

As you have by now discovered, your blog has a section at the bottom for where people can comment on your posts.

Here is your opportunity to meet people.

When you receive a comment, by all means, respond!

Likewise, visit the commenter's blog where you can respond to his/her posts.

This way you can begin a conversation which could even someday build into a relationship.
As you can see, you can develop many contacts and friends by responding to comments to your blog, but you should also seek out other people's blogs who share your interests or views.
This way, you can initiate the conversation.
So, there you go.

Here is a cool way to meet people online while focusing on something of interest to you.

Sharing interests with someone is the best way to build bedrock for a solid future relationship.

Rafael Corney is a dating coach and has decided to put his knowledge
to the Internet, and help thousands of (classy young) men to learn and
master the skills that are essential for a long lasting relationship as well
as how to spark the attraction that a woman can feel in his “zone”.

He can be reached at his blog www.Rafael-Corney.com

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