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6 Best Places to Go on a Date

Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Going out on a date is an exciting and nerve-wracking experience rolled into one. Normally it takes a coordinated and well-planned date to enjoy the company and location of the date. But somehow, some people end up with a disastrous date and never wanting to go out again with that last person.

Going out on a date shouldn't be too scary especially if you've been communicating with each other for a while. One thing that's important to understand is that location plays a role on the success of your date because you are after the mood (that's why ambiance plays a role) and the enjoyment with the time spent with the person you truly like.

Here are 6 of the best places you can go to on a date:

1. A coffee shop
A local coffee shop, Starbucks or just a small coffee joint would make a good place to go to on a date. What's really nice about his place is that it is often cozy, has wonderful aromas all around, coffee, confection and baked bread, and of course a kick of caffeine to keep you awake and alert.
If you or your date doesn't drink coffee, this shouldn't be a problem since coffee shops serve other beverages. The important thing here is that you get to talk to each and enjoy each other's company. Coffee shops are great for first dates too since it's a simple and unassuming place to go to where you and your date can enjoy the comfort and warmth of the place and of each other's company.

2. The park
Either you go out for a walk, a picnic or just sit on one of those park benches while enjoying a conversation, a park is a great place to go to especially when your date loves the open green spaces. A park can be a romantic place to get to know each other more while watching the swans and ducks at a nearby lake. You've seen it in the movies where the lead characters stroll at the park, hand-in-hand while talking and giggling. The important thing when you go to a park is that you enjoy the relaxed mood of the outdoors.
A picnic date is also ideal if you wish to stay at a comfortable spot underneath a tree. Bring along some snacks and a handful of topics to talk about, and you'll surely enjoy your date at the park. Hold on to the alcohol though, especially if it is a first date. Make it simple, comfy and fun, and enjoy the warmth of the sun until it sets. Now that's a romantic setting for a date.

3. A local diner
Just like your local coffee shop, a local diner can be a cozy place to eat, talk and enjoy being together. If you love comfort food and a good conversation, then this is the right place to pick. A good time to go to a local diner is during lunch or early dinner. You can have a private corner reserved for you by the manager if you wish to have a little privacy.

4. A museum
A museum can be a great place to go out on a date simply because there are lots of things there that can be topics of conversation. It is best to go a museum during daytime and it is an interesting place that can help you and your date ease out and talk without too much pressure. You can end the museum trip with a snack or early dinner at a nearby diner or restaurant for some additional time with your date before you say adieu.

5. A fancy restaurant
For something more elegant and romantic, taking your date to a fancy [usually 5-star] restaurant would need some more preparations. Firstly it is a bit costly. Secondly, you'll need some sprucing up especially on the details such as wine, food, courtesies, etc.
Some may even say that it's not advisable to go to fancy places on a first date. It's a better idea to do so if you have been dating for a while and it can be a great surprise too for your date.

6. Live music performance
Don't take your date on a rock band or heavy metal concert because that might ruin another chance for another date. Instead, take your date to an RnB or Jazz lounge. This can set up the mood and the ambiance is usually cozy in these music venues. Soft music, food and wine can help notch the already romantic ambiance.
Going out on a date shouldn't be that difficult and costly. You can talk with your date ahead of time and discuss the places that you can go to. At this day and age, guys and girls can plan together when going out and this can help double the fun if both are enthusiastic and enjoying the selected place to spend time together.
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